The Haunted Dollhouse: The Story

Annabelle was hated by her stepmother, who decided to lock her away in a make shift room behind the furniture store which she owned.
Poor Annabelle passed her days playing with her dolls pretending and eventually believing they were alive.

Her mother mostly neglected and ignored her but would overhear Annabelle once in awhile talking to the dolls trying to find some comfort.

Then, one conversation she heard from inside Annabelle’s room through her into a frenzy.

“Oh Beth,” Annabelle said, “one day we’ll leave this horrid place where food is passed through the doggie flap like we were some sort of animal, and mother, that wretched witch, will go to jail!”

Without thinking, Mother grabbed a butcher knife she had behind the coffee bar and opened the door to Annabelle’s dark room one last time.

Slashing and stabbing, blood streamed and splattered across the floor and walls.

Annabelle, on the floor, left dead.

The stepmother, horrified by her actions but more frightened by her own end if the authorities discovered her heinous deed, she hid Annabelle’s body.

Since nobody really noticed Annabelle to begin with, her absence went largely unnoticed. But, now, as people pass by her room while looking at furniture to buy, they hear strange small girl sounds asking them to play. Just for an hour.

Visitors, driven by curiosity and sympathy, enter the room.

They see many dolls but no sign of Annabelle.

But she’s there in spirit, the darkest parts of her personality in each of the dolls. But some good there, too.

She wants to keep her new friends forever and would just as soon gag her dolls so they stay mum. But they’ve figured out a way to give clues to the visitors so the hour doesn’t turn into eternity.

But alas, most of the souls who enter are forever trapped in the Haunted Dollhouse.

Curious? Want to help?